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Deadlock: Actividades para practicar

Como todo 2ºA sabe, Deadlock es un libro confuso. No creo que sea tan complicado, pero el argumento y los personajes son un dolor de cabeza. Ahora que se nos dijo que Patricia va a hacer un examen oral de este libro, les dejo unas actividades con las que podrán repasar...

Deadlock - Exercises 

(preguntas sacadas de El Rincón del Vago)

Answer the following questions

• Why did Vic want to find out more about Boom Boom's death?
• What did Boom Boom's grandmother tell Vic?
• What was Paige Carrington doing in Boom Boom's apartment?
• Who were the four men with Vic at lunch in the club, and what connection did they have with Boom Boom?
• What was the accident to the Lucella Wieser?
• Why did Grafalk dislike Bledsoe?
• What did Vic find in the study on her second visit to Boom Boom's apartment
• Why did Vic fly to Thunder Bay?
• What did Vic see in the water when she got on the ship for the second time?
• Why did the man with red hair set off the bomb?
Why had Bledsoe's plane already left when Vic arrived at Sault Ste Marie airport?
• What was Vic looking for when she searched the Eudora grain offices?
• What did Vic find behind the photo?
• What was the difference between the invoice and the shipping contract?
• Who was found dead in the hold of Martin Bledsoe's ship?
• Why did Paige Carrington and Jeannine Phillips protect each other? 
• Why didn't Mrs Grafalk like Jeannine Phillips?
• Why didn't Grafalk tell Eudora Grain that Phillips was cheating them? 
• Why did Paige agree to watch Boom Boom for Grafalk?
• Why did Vic cut a piece of carpet from Grafalk's boat?
• Why did Vic cut her arm?
• Why did Vic jump into the water?
• Why didn't Grafalk shoot Vic while she was in the water?

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